David HartrickComment


David HartrickComment

You tell us?

Many will approach this book hoping to find tales of the sensationalism that drives much of the tabloid nonsense that surrounds football, and in truth they will find their fill of that, but there are also moments behind the curtain that genuinely affect.

For every television thrown in a swimming pool or 'champagne war' entered into, there is also the truth behind someone playing professional football at the highest level and suffering with at times crippling depression. TSF is offering a look at the world beyond the pitch, the highs and the lows, the lies and the mini-rebellions, and in this context it is a fascinating read.

So who is 'The Secret Footballer'? A quick look online sees the finger pointing at everyone from Nicky Shorey to Dave Kitson, but to find out is to remove the very reason you read his column in the first place. There are things in here that will delight those who revel in the outrageous side of the game and the money involved, but there are also sections which show attitudes and standard practises that only anonymity allows us to read.

Although short (most readers will tuck this away in a single holiday day or a couple of day's worth of trips to the toilet) it is still worth the purchase. It's not perfect but it does show football in a different light, one few player's autobiographies have or will ever allow.

'I Am The Secret Footballer: Lifting the Lid on the Beautiful Game' is available online here & in all eBook versions.