"...there were two hints of a bright future, however. Klaus Berggreen, twenty-one, made his debut, while twenty-seven-year-old Bertelsen won his fifth cap. They would become two of Piontek's most trusted lieutenants, tactically astute midfielders who selflessly carried water so that the likes of Elkjaer and Laudrup could walk on it."

If the last two names in that little extract don't make you feel a bit fizzy we suggest you head to YouTube and educate yourself immediately. Better still, head to the Twitter account set up to help promote this book which has been posting a stream of videos from, as the cover says, football's greatest cult team.

Personally, myself (Dave) and Jeff have mused several times over a jaffa cake at IBWM Towers just what makes this Danish side great. They had it all and they did things in style, couple that with *that* work of genius from the kit design department at Hummel and you have quite a thing, quite a thing indeed.

So off the pitch did the story of the Danish team of the 1980s warrant a full book? Yes, magnificently so. For those of you who like their footballers with a hint of the devil about them there is plenty of that within, for those of you who like a dash of unprofessionalism in the great and the good to keep them human, you'll also find that here. Thirty-pages in we've covered a brief history of football in Denmark, Kurt Nielsen's 'special training' involving beer and schnapps, the player's Clubhouse (a nightclub in Copenhagen) and Sepp Piontek's encounter with a zombie. It never dips from there (here's a full extract from the Guardian website) and it would be more than fair to say we loved it from start to finish.

With a story this good and brilliantly written by Rob Smyth, Lars Eriksen and Mike Gibbons, even if you only have a passing interest in that Danish side you will love it. As we've said in other reviews we only put books on here we've enjoyed (if you don't have anything good to say etc) but this feels like we should invent some sort of marking system so we can give it 10 out of 10 or 5 stars. Highly recommended and just the sort of thing to put you in a World Cup mood.

You can buy 'Danish Dynamite' by clicking on this link and we're telling you that you really should.