Paul MortimerComment


Paul MortimerComment
DUGOUT.COM LETS FANS ACCESS THEIR FAVOURITE CLUBS AND PLAYERS has been launched this week. This is a football-only online media outlet, created to give fans digital access to life behind-the-scenes of the biggest players and clubs in the world. All content will be free and can be curated to personal tastes, should users setup an account.

The Chief Content Officer at Dugout, Ian Nolan, said it "will be the home of exclusive behind-the-scenes football content, and our network of partner clubs gives us unprecedented access to the world's leading players."

And he isn't wrong. To mark the launch of the new site, Dugout have worked with the largest number of elite footballers to feature in a video for a brand, ever. They've worked with a whopping 77 players, from 14 different clubs and representing 27 different nations, to complete the Touch Challenge. This challenge sees some of the biggest names in the game controlling a ball fired at them from a cannon at speeds upto 88mph. Fair to say, my second touch would most definitely be tackle.

The idea for creating Dugout stemmed from findings, released by Google, that the average football fan now follows 4.8 clubs from all over the world. Dugout centralises the access and interaction with the teams a person follows.

"Dugout was devised and built for the fans." Says Dugout President and Co-Founder, Elliot Richardson, "The game today is truly global and fans don't just want to watch matches in their own country - they want to follow their favourite clubs and players across the world, on and off the pitch. That's what Dugout offers - unrivalled access so fans get behind-the-scenes of the clubs and into the lives of the players."

Watch the Touch Challenge video below and head to should you wish to get more insight into many of the big teams you may follow from around the world.