Sunday Football is photographer Chris Baker's pictorial-ode to the beautiful game. A game which he spent his childhood and teenage years dreaming of playing to make a living. When, aged around 16-17, the trials dried up and the dream died, he fell out of love. This was until he discovered the fascinating world of amateur Sunday league football.

Following a renewed spell of playing, years later, "one too many injuries" led to him stepping back over the touchline and watching on instead. With camera in hand.

He spent three amateur seasons documenting the trials and tribulations, heroes and villains, and laughs and (stifled) tears on the world famous Hackney Marshes playing grounds, London.

Amongst the striking and character filled portraits are shots which capture the team spirit and camaraderie created by team sports, shots of players who've forgotten their socks but playing in just boots and shin pads, alongside a few shots of the inevitable arrival of ambulances and paramedic staff.

There are also some choice quotes, my favourite being:

If you play on a Sunday there’s a real chance you’ve been on the sauce for at least one or two nights running. If I’ve been on the J-Bombs the night before, the first forty five minutes are pure fire followed by a second half crash. More often than not the centre-half informs me he can smell the Red Bull seeping from my pores. This is classy and strikes fear into the opposition.

Sunday Football is available from Hoxton Mini Press on 1st September 2016, priced at £14.95.