I've had the pleasure of speaking to, possibly, the game's most popular photographer a few times, albeit mostly over Twitter. Once, I spoke to him for a few minutes in my hometown of Burnley. He was there to photograph what was happening on the day we would seal promotion back to the top flight.

I'd seen him at a few of our games that season and (and if you've seen him and are a fellow fan of his work you'll understand) when you spot him, with his back to the game and array of cameras and lenses being raised to the crowd whenever his eagle eye spots something worth capturing; it's often more riveting than the game itself.

Well, it is to a photography enthusiast like myself.

I thanked him, on that day two or three years ago, on the streets near Turf Moor, for the pictures I'd enjoyed looking at and reiterated to him that he had quite the fanbase in this part of the world. He humbly thanked me in return, so I asked if he'd shot anything good yet.

"Quiet so far. I'm just watching this guy putting that advert up." There was a man changing one of the big billboards on the side of Belvedere Road at the entrance of the cricket club. "I just think something good is bound to happen with all these fans milling around."

"Ha - yeah, like drop the paste on somebody or something?" I joked, filling the silence.

"Well, I was thinking more like a reaction to what he puts up or something." He was right, that would make a miles better shot.

And with that, he slid away for a better angle.

Stuart Roy Clarke's YouTube channel is now live and is well worth subscribing to.