The Liberté Cup is a competition set up to show solidarity with and offer comfort to refugees in Europe. It isn't a political movement, a charity or campaigning for open borders; the tournament just wants to change how refugees are presented in the media.

Copa90 and ITV will be filming a documentary about the tournament, the refugee crisis and how football can offer some respite from people's woes.

Tom Brandhorst, one of the tournament organisers, says they are not just "people you see on TV, living in squalid conditions, but heroes who have made it through the toughest journeys."

For example, this is Hafis, in the image below. He's a Leicester City fan and his favourite player in the game is Arturo Vidal. Whilst he is mad on football, his main sporting passion is high jump. He was inspired whilst on his long journey by the refugee team at this summer's Olympics.

But he is currently applying for asylum so is categorised purely as such. We can't even show you his full face. But on the 10th September, he will be stepping out as a player at The Liberté Cup.

Many of the refugees taking part in the competition originate from Kurdistan. They have been forced to flee violence and persecution and one can only imagine the horrors that many of them have seen. These players are living in La Liniere camp, hoping to seek asylum in the UK. Lots of them have family and jobs waiting for them on the other side of The Channel. As well as who knows what else.

Taking place on the 10th September, in the Stade Du Moulin, France, participants from all over Europe are taking part. Bohemian from Dublin are sending a team, for example, but the majority of players are refugees who have been forced across an unfamiliar continent.

Even putting political feelings to one side, it's impossible to ignore the painful juxtaposition created by the fact that this tournament is taking place just days after our own Prime Minister has announced that Britain wants to build a wall, on French soil, in order to stop these people trying to reach the UK.

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