I've made a few posters in my time. No litotes intended. And, like you, I enjoy looking at them. Especially when they have bold colours in forceful balances and subtle nods to lesser known references related to the main subject.

This is clearly an attitude shared by Matthew Berry, a prolific graphic designer who has been designing a poster, each day, for each of the 92 league clubs in England and Wales.

The 92

By Matthew Berry...

From an aesthetic which moves from the Spanish Civil War (Carlisle) to the Ivy League (West Ham) and Peter Saville (QPR) to the Jazz Age (Oldham), and everywhere in between, Berry has certainly shown a diverse range of creative inspiration.

Each design is available as an A2 poster and you can pledge towards putting all the posters into a book on Kickstarter.

It may be hard to put partisan instincts aside when viewing this project as a football fan. Because, why would a fan want their rival's artwork on their wall and at the same time why would you put 91 of the pieces up on display? That's why the book needs to happen, to be fair.

Find out more about Berry and the project on his website.

Post by Paul Mortimer - @thingandwhere