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Peter Dale is a shy type, despite his on screen persona. As Soccer AM stalwart Tubes, he’s interviewed them all. He’s been responsible for perplexing Hollywood stars with his deadpan delivery, as well getting a lot more out of media trained players than most. Scott’s Menswear asked him about his nickname, making stupid noises and why he no longer pretends to be a rapper.

Josh Kelsall of Scotts Menswear caught up with the star of Sky Sports' Soccer Am ahead of the launch 'Alive and Kicking' - a magazine celebrating 25 years of the Premier League. 

How did your career begin on Soccer AM?

I was fortunate to get two weeks work experience at Sky Sports when I was 16. On my first day they said I was on Soccer AM, seeing how it was put together. I was buzzing as I watched the programme religiously every Saturday morning. I got on well with everyone so they asked me to come in every Saturday to help out, make teas etc. I’ve been here ever since.

How did your own segment on the show come about?

I had made a few appearances in sketches and quite frankly shit myself on every occasion, believe it or not I’m actually quite shy. Rocket announced he was was going on holiday for a week and at that time he had a regular character on the show. Tim Lovejoy called me up and said do you fancy being “Peter the Test Tube Baby”. I said “What on earth does that mean?” he said “dress in a nappy, holding a fake cigarette and a can of beer and bring the balls out for the end game” I said “ummmmm alright”. It was November and I nearly froze to death. It proved popular, so did that for 2 years. When that got boring, I was asked (told) I was doing one question, one question only. I thought I’d do it in a different way trying to be a rapper etc. That’s when “Peter the Test Tube Baby” became “Tubes”. It was amusing for a few years and did some funny interviews, but at the age of 30 I said I didn’t want to be a rapper, ripping my shirt open, pouring curry on my head, making stupid noises anymore It didn’t go down well with my boss at the time, but I wanted to interview footballers in a more grown up yet different way to how everyone else does it. That’s what I do now and I absolutely love it.

Your favourite interview?
Rap game – Denzil Washington, Colin Farrell, 50 Cent.

Footballers – SuperFrank, JT, Ash Cole, Didier Drogba, Gianfranco Zola – I’m a massive Chelsea fan.

Most difficult interview?

Steve Coogan

Do you get stopped/recognised in the street?

I do yes. People are so nice to me which I’m very grateful for.

What’s next for Tubes?

Another season on Soccer AM, I’m also working on a few extra projects.

What was the first PL game you attended?

Chelsea v Watford when I was 4 years old. My Dad had to take me home after 70 mins. He was fume boat, I’ve had a season ticket since I was 5.

What is your favourite PL moment?

Chelsea winning the Premier League for the first time.

Your favourite PL goal?

Franks Lampards two against Bolton to seal the title for the first time. And that Tony Yeboah one... you know the one.

Who is your favourite PL player of all-time?

The little magician, Gianfranco Zola.

Your favourite PL manager past and present?

Antonio Conte and Roberto Di
Matteo (he won the Champions League
after all.)

How do you see this season going? Champions?

Chelsea again, closely followed by City.

Scotts Menswear have teamed up with Proper Magazine and Soccer AM to produce 'Alive and Kicking' - Celebrating 25 years of the Premier League. Visit

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