It's a World Cup year, so we can anticipate a raft of high budget media campaigns from all of the usual players, Nike included, who will surely have a worthy successor to The Cage, The Airport et al. Sometimes, though, things arrive completely from nowhere, shake you to the core and leave you wondering what just hit you.

We didn't foresee a social media phenomenon on the horizon but Nike London today launched “Nothing Beats a Londoner” – a celebration of the city's young people and their commitment to sport, their unbeatable spirit, unique culture and ability to inspire. Fiercely competitive and endlessly enterprising, young Londoners shape the sport and culture of their city.

Shot on the streets of the capital – in the very neighbourhoods that will produce the next Skepta, Dina Asher-Smith or Harry Kane – areas such as Dalston, Peckham and Brixton provide a vivid backdrop for the joyful bravado, passion for sport and unique London spirit that unites each of the 258 real-life young Londoners who appear in the film.

The side of London explored in “Nothing Beats a Londoner” illustrates how, for the next generation, an urban environment is a playground, a canvas for creativity, self-expression and movement. Nike London is committed to making this playground even better for young people in the city, creating unique inspirational experiences that help them unlock their potential through the power of sport.

It's rare that a brand connects as perfectly, but this isn't just magnificent marketing, it's the most optimistic thing we've seen in years. A perfect antidote to worrying backdrop of a country where unity and positivity have exited stage left due to an increasingly ideological yet vacuous Government, racial tension and ongoing political uncertainty. It can't be easy to be young and retain a sense of confidence about the future in the UK, but London, resolute as ever, is acting as a beacon of hope and inspiration - with a knowing nod of Monty Python for good measure. Well done all at Nike and to everyone involved in the campaign. We think this is just great...