To twitter today what Zlatan was to YouTube ten years ago, Paul Pogba is a sensation.

The hair, the skills on the ball and the fact he is "over there" in Italy means he is a kind of connoisseur's favourite player. He's also a character; those haircauts? Come on.

I remember when Manchester United signed him as a teen and instantly made my friend's future first team career all the much harder to achieve, as they both played in the middle of the park.

In the end, neither of them ending up getting into the first team at Old Trafford and both went their separate ways. Coincidentally, they're both gracing Euro 2016 this month and hopefully they're paths will cross again. That will mean Northern Ireland have exceeded expectations and ended up meeting the hosts in the later rounds.

Three years ago, he said to me, when we were watching Serie A and I recalled how he (Pogba) looked just as far ahead of everyone else on the pitch as he did that time I first saw him at Hyde for MUFC U17s,

"Unbelievable, mate. He will be the best in the world in 5 years time."

Some claim.

He's lucky enough to have played on the same pitch as him - and hopefully will again, ideally this month - but the rest of us will have to make do with watching from afar. And sometimes projects like this, produced by Juergen Teller for adidas.

The brand commissioned Teller to travel with Pogba and capture a portrait of one of the European game's biggest stars and characters.

adidas are his first sponsors and have signed him up for the long term. There'll likely be more work like this released in the future. And Pogba seems keen,

"I chose adidas [for sponsoship] because we have shared passions and values... the same vibe as I do, on and off the pitch." He said upon being signed to adidas. "I love music, dance, and fashion, but my biggest passion is football and I needed a brand that would give me space to express myself and explore new frontiers."

I'm sure you'll be seeing more of him on the Subculture page here at IBWM.