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Giovanni Dos Santos

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Giovanni Dos Santos     22     Midfielder     Tottenham Hotspur

How do you solve a problem like Giovanni dos Santos?  Two trains of thought are currently running in North London. The first suggests that Harry Redknapp has blighted Dos Santos’ career by refusing to play him and sticking with the usual suspects at White Hart Lane.  The other points to a penchant for the finer things in life and an appetite for the social side of a footballer’s lot which have ruined his chances of making a career in England.

Dos Santos was impressive at the World Cup for Mexico in 2010 but has rarely had an opportunity to shine in the rough and tumble of the English Premier League.  When he has played, GDS has frequently looked off the pace and there has been nothing to suggest he will apply his often excellent international form to the club arena. 

Where can we point the finger for Dos Santos making just thirteen appearances in three and a half years at Tottenham?  Barcelona were none too disappointed to offer a swift adieu to the Mexican in 2008 amid rumours of persistent indiscipline, which backs up the theory that problems were always likely.  However for Spurs to invest in such a talented player, but then appear to have absolutely no idea what to do with him seems to indicate that the poor return from Dos Santos is not entirely down to him.

The Mexican enigma has toured several European sides on loan without nailing a permanent move and first team appearances at Spurs are likely to be patchy in their frequency once more.  Where we go next is anyone’s guess, but it has to be out of the door permanently.

“Super underutilized. Remember when he was supposed to be the Next Ronaldinho? Pretty sure ‘Arry doesn't know how to use that” - @luisnavadad

“Excelled at Racing because belief placed in his ability. Given right platform, he can prosper. A good player in the right hands” -  David Cartlidge (SpanishFootball.info)

"Utterly superb in the Gold Cup, the best player of the tournament and scored a superb goal in the final. One of the most talented players in Europe, but not Harry's sort. Amazing he didn't move in the summer." - Michael Cox (Zonal Marking)

E       A move might help, but we just can’t tell….