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Václav Kadlec

IBWM StaffComment

Václav Kadlec     19     Striker     Sparta Prague

Something is eating Václav Kadlec.

Widely touted across Europe in 2008 as the best player the Czech Republic have produced since Tomas Rosicky, scouts quickly descended on Prague to digest the attributes of a young striker.  Offered a trial by Liverpool, who promised to stay in touch, Kadlec returned to his home city and dazzled as a rapier sharp striker for two years.

At the start of 2011, Kadlec was named in the German newspaper Bild as one of the ten best 18 year old players in the world.  But despite breaking into the Czech national team (scoring on his debut) and being billed as one of the world’s brightest talents, Kadlec was struggling to find a place in Sparta’s first team during the second half of the season.

The pressure to obtain results in any league will always see a manager attempt to save his own skin ahead of developing any of his players, and this seems to be happening at Sparta under coach Jozef Chovanec.

An initial redeployment to the left wing didn’t look to be a huge issue for the pacy and very direct Kadlec, but unable to penetrate defences as the true spike of an attack, performances dipped and his game now appears to be stalling.  Sparta have not done badly in this period though, so why change anything?

Already a pin up boy in his homeland, Kaldec’s progress looks to have retreated rapidly with his public image in the Czech Republic far more prominent than any contribution on the pitch.  At 18, Kadlec is far too young to be considered washed up, but he does appear to be stuck somewhere between living off hype generated at 16 and suffering badly from being played out of position. 

This is a very talented striker; let’s hope that club and player can get back on track soon.

“Every time Kadlec comes on to the pitch you immediately notice his energy and power and willingness to run at defenders, I can’t help but think if Václav spent more time on the training pitch than the tattoo parlour he would be making a bigger impact for club and country.” – Mark Smith (Play Waved On)

"He plays out of position, mostly as a left winger, which doesn't suit him. Doesn't score, was injured before the U21 EC and is now a sub at Sparta" - @michalpetrak

D   This is not moving forward.