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Dejan Lovren

IBWM StaffComment

Dejan Lovren     22     Defender     Lyon   

Central defenders at this age need time to breathe and to be allowed to make mistakes. A huge part of their growth is experience in a position where an ability to stay true to a task rather than a precociousness to create is required. Lovren benefited enormously from playing much of last season partnering Cris at the heart of Lyon’s defence, a defender known for his authority and organisation, and grew into a strong and composed player having made mistakes he wouldn’t repeat in the future.

In time there’s no doubt he will become an excellent defender but whether he can reach the levels of some in his position on remains to be seen. He has attracted interest from Liverpool amongst others but having played so well under Cris’s wing, when asked to lead the defence in his absence questions have arisen about Lovren’s concentration. He has chosen a career in one of the most unforgiving areas of a football pitch and will need to discover the intelligence which defenders need to move on to ‘world class’ status.

As Ligue 1 standards appear to be rising with the money at PSG and the development of several sides, Lovren will face tougher tests in his domestic future. He may well prove up to the task but we suspect he may remain ‘just’ a solid defender prone to the odd mistake.

“Several wobbles in 2010-11 but now first-choice and playing with real authority. Key component of Remi Garde's rejuvenated Lyon” – Tom Williams (Journalist)

“Played very well last season beside the veteran Cris but this season with a less experience defender beside him he has looked shaky. There is talent there though, needs to learn to keep his head” – Andrew Gibney (French Football Weekly)

C     Coming along, keep taking notice.