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Gael Kakuta

IBWM Staff1 Comment

Gael Kakuta     20     Winger/Forward     Chelsea

You know the story, Chelsea’s transfer embargo was deemed harsh but when weighed against the potential of French wonderkid Gael Kakuta, it might just be worth it in the long term.

Just as the transfer embargo proved bluff and bluster, so has Kakuta’s ability.  The proposed cakewalk into the first team never materialised and an insipid loan spell at Fulham has been followed with a less than inspiring start to this season with Bolton. The player himself has moaned about not being given a run in the first team, but the challenge to merit it has yet to be taken. Doubts have surfaced over his attitude and a youngster so good he was deemed worth the risk of a huge transfer gamble seems a long way off at the moment.

So that’s the bad news, what about the good? Well, it’s a simple message really - there’s still time.

Several of Chelsea’s great and good have purred over Kakuta’s talent and technically he has shown while progressing through the ranks to be exceptional at times. He has the skills to become the archetypal modern wide forward, tailor-made for Chelsea’s long standing belief in a front three.  But the lingering question remains about whether he’s willing to push himself to the next level. Failing to take advantage of Premier League loan spells does nothing to silence doubters and looks worse with each week as a rejuvenated Daniel Sturridge continues to impress. A long way to go but he might, *might* just be capable and prove a few people wrong.

Was it worth it? The next year will tell us a lot more.

“After a legal bottom-spanking in acquiring his services, a perky start to a Chelsea career has floundered into eternal benchwarming on loan” – @DKDickson

"For a man upon whom Chelsea staked so much, not least a transfer embargo after his disputed departure from Lens, Kakuta is yet to show us what he's capable of. That may be down to lack of opportunity - as he himself has stated recently, while on loan at Bolton - but so far his reputation remains mostly hype and Youtube clips" – James Appell (ITV Football)

D     Your halo has slipped.  It's make or break time.