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Harmeet Singh

IBWM Staff1 Comment

Harmeet Singh      20     Midfielder     Valerenga

Rangy midfielder and a consistent performer for Valerenga over the last three years.  One of several talented youngsters that have performed well in the Tippilaegen, Singh’s displays alongside fellow midfield starlet Mohammed Fellah have been a boon for Valerenga and a glimpse of a potentially promising future for Norway.

Quick footed, hard-working and possessing an eye for goal, we’ve been impressed with Singh’s development since we first set eyes on him two years ago. Norway can certainly be optimistic when considering what happens next as the national side is beginning to resemble a ‘Belgium lite’ in terms of talented young players coming through with the Oslo born midfielder at the forefront.

Peculiarly, the Tippilaegen is repeatedly overlooked by scouts from clubs in Europe’s more prominent leagues and despite a string of good performances – and finding himself singled out for praise by Pep Guardiola following a friendly against Barca earlier this year - Singh may have felt a tad disappointed to see the European transfer window close without a chance to try his luck in Germany or England.

"VIF were awful this season, and he wasn't great. But so much natural talent. Can he step up? Dunno." - @BrendanHusebo

C-     Coming on well but if ever a player needed a move to play at a higher standard, he’s the one.