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Jack Wilshere

IBWM StaffComment

Jack Wilshere     19      Midfielder     Arsenal

Wilshere had been English football’s worst kept secret for some time before a loan period at Bolton Wanderers in 2009-10 showed the wider watching world a glimpse of the potential he represents. Using his time away from Arsenal to benefit from some first team experience and grow as both a man and a player, Wilshere returned ready to step into Arsenal’s fluid midfield.

While Arsenal slowly became their own worst enemies last season, Wilshere continued to shine. With an intelligence beyond his years and vision honed from years of training next to Cesc Fabregas week in, week out, Wilshire is now an England international with the football world at his feet.

“Wilshere slightly worries me as he’s so good, so young. While players like Joe Cole have had similar gigantic levels of raw talent and stalled, I hope Wilshere can keep developing. If he does, make no mistake, he will be a very special player indeed” – Dave Hartrick (IBWM)

“An ultra-modern midfield player of utter class and authority beyond his years, Wilshere is the fulcrum that England could feasibly be building their team around for the next generation. When pitted against Xavi and Iniesta in the Champions League last season, he not only held his own, he shone. A real gem of a player” – Luke Moore (The Football Ramble)

“Huge potential but his performances in the Premier League have been overrated: he has rarely run a game. That said, was superb against Barcelona which bodes well’”– Michael Cox (Zonal Marking)

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