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Miralem Pjanic

IBWM StaffComment

Miralem Pjanic     21      Midfielder     AS Roma

It’s no exaggeration to say that at one point, Miralem Pjanic looked like he was en route to becoming one of European football’s great playmakers. With a wonderful touch for someone so young and a natural vision to see the passes others don’t, Pjanic possess a very special talent indeed.

Still just 21, his career has roller-coastered through a series of peaks and troughs taking in injuries, erratic club form and the arrival of Yoann Gourcuff at Lyon pushing him out of the starting line-up and all the way to Roma. The spark that had everyone so excited remains but now is the time for Pjanic to prove he’s really ready for football. With a new club and the world once again at his feet, the question remains; will the Bosnian become the player he clearly has the potential to be, or will he allow himself to be overshadowed by less-talented team mates again?

“A real shame to see him leave Lyon & Ligue 1, needed first-team football” - Jason Milligan (French Football Weekly)

“A decent campaign although he never hit the heights of previous years. Unlucky to be in the same side as Yoann Gourcuff otherwise he would start every match” - Jonathan Johnson (French Football Weekly)

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