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IBWM StaffComment

These boots were made for, erm, thinking.

If you’ve something about you (and you’re as old as the hills), you’ll get dewy eyed at the slightest glimpse of a pair of adidas micropacers.  Released to coincide with the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the micropacers were the first running shoe to offer on-board technology with a microprocessor embedded into the tongue of the left shoe which calculated speed, distance and calorific output of the wearer.

Twenty five years on and adidas are at it again with the release of the F50 adiZero miCoach football boot; aka the ‘boot with a brain’.  Not your ordinary set of studs these, oh no, the new F50’s are capable of measuring and analysing a wide range of individual stats. 

Here’s the word from adidas

The rules of the game are about to be re-written as adidas unveils the world’s first football boot with in-built miCoach technology enabling both professional and amateur footballers to analyse their personal speed, distance and work rate during a game: the ‘boot with a brain’.

The new adidas F50 adiZero miCoach football boot is capable of measuring:

  • ·         360°personal performance data
  • ·         Speed
  • ·         Distance
  • ·         No. of sprints
  • ·         Intensity work levels

Available at retail from November this year, the adidas adiZero F50 miCoach football boot is the first boot ever to enable players across the country at every level to analyse their game just like the pro’s and compare their performance to adidas professional players, team mates and friends.  Are you the quickest in your team? Do you have the highest work rate? And how do you compare to Leo Messi, Gareth Bale, and Ashley Young?

England and Manchester United ace Young said “I’ve been playing in the adidas F5O range for the last few years and I’m amazed by the latest innovation. The new boot will help players be faster than ever and now, with the miCoach technology; they’ll be able to prove just how fast they really are. I can’t wait to wear the boots in November and share my stats with the adidas community.”

To bring the data from playing in the boot to life adidas have created two unique experiences:

Players can download their stats to their smartphone and directly into a newly created platform that will take personal performance stats and build them into the ultimate gaming experience

Players can download their data to the miCoach.com online training hub to see graphical representations of their performance, relevant training programs from the best clubs in the world to help improve performance, and ways of sharing and comparing their performance.

The new adiZero F50 boot will be available at adidas own retail outlets and specialist retail stores nationwide from the 15th November, at £200. Additionally, the adiZero F50 miCoach bundle will be available from wholesale outlets at £245 and includes a pair of adiZero F50 boots, a speed sensor and a smart device dongle, miCoach CONNECT, for iPod and iPhone as well as the miCoach CONNECT for PC / MAC.

Players across the World, including Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, Ashley Young, and Samir Nasri, will wear the boot on pitch from November 2011.