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IBWM Staff2 Comments

All I want for Christmas.

In 1986, Birkenhead band Half Man Half Biscuit - punk ethic purveyors of satire, social commentary, parody and angst - released their debut single, "The Trumpton Riots". On the B-side was the now legendary track, "All I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit": the finest study of adolescent obsession, frustration, rivalry, violence and table football ever to grace the wrong side of a bit of vinyl.

Ahead of Christmas 2011, you might be interested to learn that vendors of finest retro football attire TOFFS are selling the aforementioned cultural icon.   The 1960's short sleeved version is made from 100% cotton (not of your polyester malarkey) and will set you back a very reasonable £32.99. 

You can buy the shirt from TOFFS via this link.