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Free nil!

Wherever you may roam you’re always likely to encounter a Brazil, Spain, France or England shirt.  Occasionally the colours of Croatia, Belgium, or Iran may be observed, festooned across the upper torso of a proud fan.  One national shirt you’re unlikely to see when on your travels is Tibet.

The idea of a Tibetan national team was fostered in the mind of Dane Michael Nybrandt following something of a footballing epiphany. When camping with a friend in Tibet back in 1997, Nybrandt woke up from a dream in which he had a vision of himself coaching Tibet.   Makes a change from Scarlett Johansson we suppose. 

Fortunately Nybrandt didn’t disregard this dream and now works as the International Coordinator for the Tibet National Sporting Association having created a programme of sustainable football development and education in the region.  A true pioneer.

Amsterdam based retro football outfitters COPA have recently secured a deal to provide kit to the Tibetan national side, who remain well off FIFA’s radar.

You can check out the kits - officially endorsed by the Dalai Lama - and a load of other sweet stuff over at COPA.