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IBWM StaffComment

Walk around the house like a fucking champion....

Cecilia Marquez is something of a genius.  A New Zealand based artist by trade, and an extremely talented one at that, it’s reasonable to label Cecilia as a hoarder.

Cecilia does not - to the best of our knowledge -  keep hundreds of cats, nor does she possess the largest collection of Power Ranger action figures in the Southern hemisphere.  Her obsession is much more in tune with ours.  She’s a Maradonaphile.

Over the course of his career Diego Maradona saw his name and picture emblazoned on many thousands of tacky products.  Singles were produced, cologne was concocted, and cartoons were thrust at the eyeballs of young children.  But Diego also inspired a legion of musicians, poets, artists, photographers and sculptors.  If only there was a website that celebrated and kept track of all this collective and collectible wonderfulness.  Thankfully that’s where Cecilia comes in.

TodoMaradona is a small curiosity shop of a blog, but also a truly life enriching study of IBWM’s leading man via a series of photographs, artwork, recordings and other assorted kitsch.  In her bio Cecilia states “I love football and the spectacle of it all, especially the greenness of the pitch.”   Yep.  That sounds like our wavelength.  Told you she was a genius.

Hoarders, tsk, they hang on to everything.  Thank god.