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IBWM StaffComment

It’s hard not to love the legendary Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.  Turning 34 this week, Gigi is as on top of his game as ever but word reaches us that he is beginning to make a name for himself in another arena.  Playing poker. 

Buffon signed for online poker site PokerStars.com in 2010 and is a member of the Team PokerStars Pro team.  In addition, he has featured regularly as a player on PokerStars.it, currently the 6th largest poker site in the world.  Here’s the word:

“It is truly a pleasure for us to have Gigi as an Ambassador for PokerStars.it" said PokerStars' Italian Manager Barbara Beltrami.  "His sporting and competitive spirit embodies the values of our brand and we feel very proud that the number one goalkeeper in the world decided to represent the number one poker site in Italy.”

Buffon stated of playing for Pokerstars that "I love living life to the full.  I know there will be many commitments, but I love playing poker and the opportunity to join the world's largest poker site is an honor and a great challenge.  I'm ready to have lots of fun playing against everyone who wants to take me on."

The Italian number one was interviewed by Televisionet.tv recently and was asked about how he got into cards.  Buffon stated that he started playing poker out of curiosity and that during a charity poker game he "saw the dynamics of the game and thought it was really great."  From there, Buffon continued to develop his game and when asked about the similarities between football and poker, he said that "when you are not at your optimum mental and physical state or clearheaded, it's better you don't even try because you risk being out of the game almost immediately.". Good answer.

Of course, the majority of Buffon's time still belongs to Juve, who currently sit atop Serie A.  However, once Gigi decides to hang up his gloves, he may have a career a little different to media punditry. 

(Thanks for the tip off to Ethan Collin from casinotop10.net)