IBWM Staff1 Comment


IBWM Staff1 Comment

As we are now in 2012, it’s entirely acceptable for a male of the species to sport an off the shoulder messenger bag without the risk of being mocked for being overly effeminate.  Girls, you have never really had this problem, consider yourselves lucky.

If you happen to be looking for something to facilitate the safe daily haulage of your laptop, tablet, sandwiches and flask (people still have flasks don’t they?), we can heartily recommend the uber cool Redford Vintage messenger bag by Gola.

Available in a host of colours, we were particularly thrilled to catch site of a retro football inspired set of designs featuring the kind of ads that regularly appeared in the pages of Shoot! and Match in the 1970’s.  Iconic and evocative doesn’t really do these justice….we can almost smell the changing rooms and feel the intense burn of a freshly towel whipped thigh.  Happy days.

The Gola Redford Vintage bag is available from Amazon and Gola’s own website.  Off you go.