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IBWM StaffComment

We like nothing more than a music/football crossover at IBWM.  As half of our editorial team are sensitive souls, that often stretches only as far as watching Roberto Bettega videos while listening to Herb Alpert.  For the other half, a compilation of Terry Hurlock challenges accompanied by the less than dulcet tones of System of a down are the only things worth getting out of bed for.  Vive la difference.  Live and let live.

Anyway, this video arrived in our inbox today, so we’ll let the good folk at Jägermeister fill you in.......

Jägermeister recently hosted their latest ‘Ice Cold’ Studio Session, where rock bands and icons meet for the first time in a recordingstudio and ‘break the ice’ by working on a track together. 

The ‘Ice Cold’ Studio Session featured British heavy metal band Malefice and football legend Marcus Hahnemann and took place at London’s famous Strongroom Studios.

Marcus Hahnemann, is a well known heavy metal fan but it was the first time he had ever taken his passion for metal into a recording studio.

Marcus Hahnemann said: “It’s been a great day. I wanted to come down and just see what recording would be like, piecing a track together. I’ve had an awesome time”

Reading band Malefice are one of the leading exponents of modern British heavy metal and released their album ‘Awaken The Tides’ to critical acclaim last year.

Vocalist, Dale Butler commented: “Today has gone really well. It’s exceeded expectations. We knew Marcus was going to be good but he was actually better than even he firstly anticipated”