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IBWM StaffComment

How will we watch football in years to come? 

Few of us would have predicted some of the innovations that have appeared in recent years, and the fact that everything is just so ‘instant’ these days offers an indicator of what will arrive next. 

We didn’t tend to discuss ‘possession percentage’ twenty years ago, but things have changed.  Just how much info could become available to us when watching a match?

Today adidas and Major League Soccer announced that the 2012 AT&T MLS All-Star Game on July 25 in Philadelphia will be the world's first "smart soccer match" and will feature the new micoach team tracking system.

The micoach system provides coaches with real time performance metrics on the field of play including player position, power output, speed, distance covered, intensity of play, acceleration and GPS heat mapping.

"Our leading innovations help athletes and coaches on the field of play and we are finding ways to use these innovations to create more immersive sporting environments and experiences that will revolutionize the way we view sports and engage and excite fans," said Patrik Nilsson, president of adidas America.  "The new micoach team tracking system combines state of the art technology with real time analysis bringing the game the most significant advancement in soccer coaching in the modern era”

Following the debut of the micoach system at the MLS All-Star Game, the new technology will be rolled out globally in the coming seasons. 

This is for coaches first, but we reckon that pretty soon you’ll be armed with so much analysis material while sitting in the stand or watching TV you’ll be as well informed as any coach or manager.  Or pundit.  

Up your game Hansen, the future is coming.....