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IBWM Staff1 Comment

Time is likely to be kind to Arsenal’s 2003-04 ‘Invincibles’ team, for the simple reason that their achievement was so remarkable.  Even now, just eight years on, the concept of a team going through an entire English Premier League season without a single defeat is fanciful in the extreme and the prospect of it happening again, not to mention having happened at all, must be beyond improbable. 

In total Arsenal went 49 games without defeat, but it was their 38 match unbeaten sequence during which the 2003-04 League Title was secured that will live long in the memory of the club's supporters.

We’ve featured the work of digital artist Dan Leydon on these pages before and regular followers of Dan’s work, both on Twitter and Instagram, will have noted a significant shift in recent months to a much higher gear.  To make a musical comparison, Dan’s previous (very good) work was the twee jangling of Hard Day’s Night, but now he is operating in Revolver territory.

To our mind, his best work so far is this exceptional ‘Invincibles’ poster which is available to buy as a limited edition print from Etsy

If you’re Arsenal fan, why on earth wouldn’t you?