David HartrickComment


David HartrickComment

You know that bit of your brain that forces you to keep all your Subbuteo gear despite people telling you to 'grow up' and 'throw it out', and every time a major tournament comes round immediately thinks of only two words - 'Panini' and 'album' - when we talk about Match Stars we're talking to that bit and you'll thank us for it in the long run.

Match Stars are a line of action figures going for articulation and realism rather than oversized heads or interchangeable this, that, and the other. Currently available are players from Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool, and shortly a range based around the England team will be launched.

Available from their website here, if we really wanted to talk to that part of your brain we'd mention the accessories kit featuring red and yellow cards, a whistle, a goal, a ball, and a set of plastic cones.

Go get 'em...