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Gareth Bale

IBWM Staff2 Comments

Gareth Bale                     22       Defender/Winger        Tottenham Hotspur

Having struggled to show what he could do upon pitching up in North London, the prodigiously gifted Welsh wizard announced his arrival on the world stage by destroying Inter’s Maicon in the Champions League last season. 

The sublime was often followed by some fairly neutral performances when all we wanted to see was Bale really kick on.  To be fair, a host of peachy looking crosses from Bale went unfulfilled in 2010-11, so we may have had more to report if Crouch, Defoe et al had bothered to get on the end of these. 

Inter have been making eyes ever since the Champions League tie and we think Bale would do well in Italy, which will bring us no end of stick from Spurs fans but that’s just us thinking about the boy. 

Still young and while consistency is key, recent performances have been very good.  Playing with a world class finisher could really bring the best out of young Gareth.

"Quietly brilliant.  Hype has died down, thankfully.  Still a thrilling site when running at pace at defenders…monkey magic!" – Greg Theoharis (Dispatches From A Football Sofa)

"Looks to be returning to what will hopefully be a vein of form as rich as 2010.  There’s no denying his huge talent." – @Yids  

B       Very good, but do it a bit more often.