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Holger Badstuber

IBWM StaffComment

Holger Badstuber        22      Defender                     Bayern Munich

German defender Badstuber requires no introduction.  The Manninger born full back/centre back has made the transition from promising youngster to accomplished international performer in a very short space of time. 

The last year has seen Badstuber become a regular starter for both club and country, and he will invariably scoop an Aladdin’s cave worth of gongs, medals and trinkets in a well decorated career.

However, despite all this, Badstuber maintains the air of a player on the verge of dropping an almighty clanger at any moment, which isn’t really in step with the way Joachim Löw would like his German side to operate.

To that end, we think Badstuber is punching above his weight right now, but one can’t argue with the way he has progressed.

"Already the best centre-back at Bayern, but when the competition is led by Daniel van Buyten, that sounds like faint praise. Not there yet, but growing into himself and improving week on week.  Bad points: Positionally suspect, has the turning circle of the Belgrano. Good points: Not Martin Demichelis" - John Dobson (Journalist)

"Babstuber is a talent, but whenever he plays, I always feel he isn't assuring. Doesn't make me feel comfortable" - @Oalmasri

"Jonny Evans is to Gerard Piqué what Holger Badstuber is to Mats Hummels." - @BrendanHusebo

C+       You’ve done very well, just don’t get complacent.