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Marc Muniesa

IBWM Staff1 Comment

Marc Muniesa     19     Defender     Barcelona   

Barcelona have more that two central defenders? Really? Weird. Yes it’s true, Barcelona do have defenders on their books *besides* Piqué and Puyol and even more shockingly, Muniesa is actually rather good.

The problem for Marc Muniesa is the apparent disdain his manager has for playing specialists. Piqué injured? Move Mascherano back.  Puyol injured as well? No problem, Sergio Busquets can fill in next to him.  Muniesa finds himself in Barcelona’s B team for a third season and while we all know how good graduates from that particular school can be, there is a feeling if the breakthrough doesn’t come soon, it may have to come somewhere away from the Camp Nou.

For all Guardiola’s brilliance, it is suggested by many onlookers that he shares a weakness with Arsene Wenger in an inability to spot defenders.  Despite Muniesa apparently being a favourite, there still appears to be no suggestion that graduation is imminent into a squad that could certainly house him.

As a very young player in Lloret, several clubs swooned over Muniesa and if there is any encouragement that he may be available, the defender would find no shortage of potential suitors. Some (including at least one of the IBWM editorial team) feel that Muniesa combines a perfect storm of Pique’s calmness with Puyol’s heart and energy. His time is coming, whether he has to wait until Carles Puyol can’t play two games in a week or move to pastures new is yet to be seen.

"They say he’s Guardiola’s favourite out of Barcelona's group of young defenders, and with the club opting not to buy big at the back Muniesa could show exactly why. Physical, adept in possession and fearless" – David Cartlidge (Spanish Football.info)

D     The mark is a reflection of a lack of opportunity, not ability. Decision time is drawing near...