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Ezequiel Munoz

IBWM StaffComment

Ezequiel Muñoz     21     Defender     Palermo 

Let’s get this out of the way immediately, address the elephant in the room head on as it were. Ezequiel Muñoz is honestly just 21. Seriously.  Google image him and you might struggle to believe it. Strong, broad and naturally powerful, does not look dissimilar to a Vidic or a Puyol.

But there is more to the defender’s game than being uncompromising in the tackle. Determination has played a huge part in Muñoz's career to date; the Argentine defender having already returned from one knee cruciate injury only to hit further fitness and form issues.  On the ball he is composed and it was this attribute more than any other that attracted Palermo, who moved quickly to sign him from Boca Juniors after less than twenty games in their first team. As we’ve mentioned before in this list, to become a 'great defender' involves learning and not repeating mistakes.  In this respect alone, Muñoz is well on his way to becoming a top player for the long term.

Palermo have made a reasonable start to the season despite another summer of key departures, but Muñoz has not yet featured. Matías Silvestre now stands in his way and it could be a while before he gets another extended run in the first team. Some feel the move from Boca came too soon, but there is the basis of an excellent player there. 

Patience may well be the key for all concerned and Muñoz is not at the worst club for this.

“Superb prospect who recovered well from a horrific injury while at Boca. Stallled again after Silvestre's arrival at Palermo but should eventually win back his place in central defence alongside his compatriot whose experience will aid his development” – Adam Digby (Journalist)

C-     A good first season in Italy, so far a difficult second.  Keep the faith.