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Jano Ananidze

IBWM StaffComment

Jano Ananidze     19     Midfielder/Forward     Spartak Moscow

We like this kid a lot.  Already a full international, 18 year old attacking midfielder Ananidze is a permanent fixture in the Spartak Moscow first team despite his tender years.  Fast tracked through the international ranks with Georgia to ensure that Russia didn’t lay claim to his services, Ananidze has drawn inevitable comparisons with Georgi Kinkladze.

Biggest issue that Ananidze faces right now is his size.  He has the flair and intelligence to make an impact at the highest level but is too easily dislodged from the ball.  The fact that he has caused a stir in the Russian Premier League at such a young age highlights his talent and how highly regarded he is in Moscow.

He has a bit of growing to do, but if Georgia can put a few half decent players around Ananidze, and he can put on a few pounds, both could really emerge over the next decade.   Manchester City have been watching intently and several of Europe’s top sides have registered an interest in the tricky Georgian.  Sky is the limit applies here but physical maturity will be monitored as much as footballing development.

"He's a wonderful talent - but Spartak's lack of foresight in terms of youth development is hindering him and others imo." – Domm Norris (Slavic Football Union)

"Technically extremely gifted, but lightweight - though I suppose at 18 he's got time to grow. A touch injury-prone too." – James Appell (ITV Football)

C+      Eat pies.