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Emmanuel Riviére

IBWM Staff1 Comment

Emmanuel Rivière     21     Striker         Toulouse

Was starting to look the part at St Etienne as the 2009-10 season drew to a close, but 2010-11 was sporadic to say the least.  In truth, that’s being rather kind to the striker.

The talent is there but a question lingers over whether he can take his football to the next level. The basic components are all in evidence, it’s whether Rivière can put them together and in the right order.

St Etienne decided to cash in on the youngster with a move to Toulouse sealed this summer. Has played at every level for France below the full national side but while expectations remain, we’re not convinced there’s enough there to carry Riviére any higher.

“Not as prolific as he was in the 2009/10 season that surely pricked the ears of Don Balon, Emmanuel Rivière averaged a goal every 335 minutes in Ligue 1 last season as opposed to one every 217 minutes the previous year. That season he was nominated one of the best young players in France but his career has plateaued in the last twelve months and he’s since moved to Toulouse. There, due to coach Alain Casanova's strict 4-5-1 defensive style, Rivière will carry the burden of being the team's main goal-getter but thus far injury has prevented him from making a huge impact. This remains a big season for him” - Jonathan F (Just Football)

D Nothing to get us excited so far but still time to prove us wrong