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Renan Diego

IBWM StaffComment

Renan Diego    21     Defender    Cruzeiro

Another from the factory line marked ‘talented Brazilian attacking full-back’, Diego Renan has several qualities which mark him out from an already crowded field. Highly regarded at Cruzeiro where several have been prompted to remember the great Nonato when discussing him, he’s every bit as comfortable on the ball as you would expect for someone drawing the comparison.

Quick, deceptively powerful and with the inevitable desire to get forward, what really separates Renan from his peers is an ability to deliver balls from wide positions that most midfielders would kill for. While a capable and confident defender, it’s on the front foot that he really impresses, and like Rafael da Silva, Renan is knocking on the door of his national side, ready to kick it clean off its hinges once offered the opportunity. A move to Europe seems inevitable and his style of play would be perfect for several of the continent’s top sides.

A real fun player.

“The frightening thing is that if he was from anywhere else, he would naturally have been moved forward to midfield. He’s better than most wingers while being a more than competent defender, just a great prospect and brilliantly, when you watch him it feels like he really enjoys playing football” – Dave Hartrick (IBWM) 

“Whoever decided that he was a left-back was either utterly mad or a genius. Or perhaps both. A right footed, forward-thinking player, he spends more time dribbling than marking. Which is amazing, obviously” - Jack Lang (Snap, Káka and Pop!)

C     Keep going and you may well turn out to be something special