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Thomas Necid

IBWM StaffComment

Tomáš Necid     22     Striker     CSKA Moscow     

November 2010 and Tomáš Necid is at the top of his game. Performances for club and country have been closely monitored by Arsenal, Liverpool, AC Milan and Real Madrid to name but four, and strong rumours of 10 to 15 million Euro bids being made are circulating through the usual press channels. The world at his feet, this young Czech striker looked set for a huge 2011.

A slight dip in form was then followed by a bad injury after only fourteen appearances in the year for CSKA. The dreaded knee cruciate ligament rupture has wrecked his season and leaves Necid on the sidelines still, with January being mentioned as a possible return date.  The talent will remain however, and believe us when we say it’s quite a talent.

He still has a long way to go, plenty of raw edges to knock off, but the basics are all covered handsomely. Quick, comfortable on his left foot, excellent on his right and with a trick to take defenders on, Necid has the potential to be one of the best. The lavish Ibrahimovic comparisons are premature; young strikers tend to have expectation heaped upon them before they’ve had a chance to develop an all-round game and as soon as they cease to be a surprise defenders have them worked out. Pre-injury Necid looked like he had a chance of a move to one of Europe’s biggest clubs, let’s hope he continues his development and fulfils that promise.

“But for a long-term knee injury which he suffered in June, Necid would arguably be in the CSKA side ahead of Vagner Love - a real mark of his development in the last few seasons. His billing in some quarters as 'the next Ibrahimovic' looks a touch premature mind” – James Appell (ITV Football)

D     Brutal, but the mark is a reflection of the injury, not the potential.