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Yann M'Vila

IBWM StaffComment

Yann M’vila     21     Midfielder     Rennes

Is THIS the new Patrick Vieira?

Despite the claims of Gueïda Fofana (who we consider more of a Makélélé mk2), that lazy, stereotypical question tagged to just about any young defensive midfielder in world football will be redundant. Instead, ten years from now, we’d suggest ‘is (insert name of robust, young defensive midfielder here) the new Yann M’vila?’

The epitome of the modern deep lying midfielder.  Once a position for cloggers and rough-housers, M’vila is an elegant presence that shields his defence by starting attacks rather than throwing his weight around. Great passing ability, a happy knack of finding space in one of the most crowded areas on the pitch and natural leadership qualities have seen him courted by several of Europe’s biggest clubs, with Arsenal in particular desperate to land his services. M’Vila would be a perfect fit for Arsene Wenger’s side, the problem for the North London club will be fighting off the other potential suitors waiting in the wings.

M’Vila has stated a desire to leave Rennes after Euro 2012 and expect a bidding war and press speculation of the level of a Fabregas or Tevez saga to ensue. By his own high standards last season wasn’t his finest, but M'Vila still did enough to send shockwaves through European scouting networks and find himslelf voted one of Ligue 1’s players of the season. Now a full international and proving to be just as at home on that particular stage, expect M’Vila to take to a move to one of Europe’s prestige clubs with the same level of ease.

“Didn't have great 2010-11 but still nominated for Ligue 1 Young Player of the Season. France's answer to Javier Mascherano! A real gem” – Tom Williams (Journalist)

“Defensive midfield anchor, controls most games he plays in. Exquisite passer of the ball, uses positioning and intelligence instead of rash challenges, plays beyond his years“ – Andrew Gibney (French Football Weekly)

C+     Your next move may make you a household name.  You could comfortably be the best defensive midfielder in the world within three years.