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Victor Ruiz Torre

IBWM StaffComment

Victor Ruiz Torre     22     Defender     Valencia

‘Tough tackling’ is a phrase that’s often used to describe a breed who make up for a lack of talent on the ball with raw physicality. Ruiz doesn’t subscribe to that stereotype, coupling a real presence with an elegant touch. Having played his way into the team at Espanyol, a move to Napoli was secured, a berth in the Spanish under-21 side taken and Ruiz began to look like a potential partner for Pique in the national side long-term.

The move to Serie A looked like a good choice for the youngster but despite a league that loves a good centre back, things didn’t work out in Italy. Finding himself stranded on the fringes of Napoli’s squad, as soon as news of his potential availability filtered back to Spain, Ruiz was snapped up by Valencia and has been immediately put to work in their first team. A big season this and the defender's early showing suggests he is more than capable of putting a forgettable Italian job behind him.

“Espanyol and Mauricio Pochettino’s philosophy was built on a spine that had Víctor Ruiz at its base, and in that excelled. For reasons unbeknown Italy and Napoli didn’t work out, but that’s all in the past now, Valencia have brought him home as they have defensive fires to put out. Víctor will play them out of trouble - it’s the only way he knows how” - David Cartlidge (Spanish Football.info)

C-     Coming up is an important year, time to shine once again